Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lets see... next came CHRISTMAS! We spent Christmas at the Reids house again this year. The whole family was there and we had a great time. And surprising Ryan with his captains chair was a success! Also, Ryan got me a new camera, and I LOVE IT! Its a canon G6. I dont know much about cameras except what Selena taught me, BUT I KNOW I love my camera and I love the pictures that it takes! Thanks Babe!

PS: New Years 2011, I have had some projects that I have been working on to keep me busy, so here they are......

Ryans captains chair

Merry Christmas from santas favorite elf!

I dont have a before picture.. I'm pretty bad at that.. but this is Ryans old dress.. I sanded it and painted it and bought new knobs for it.

Key Rack

Necklace holder

Got this cardboard "R" from Joanns for like $2.. painted it and I love it!

Got this vase from goodwill like a year ago.. it was an ugly green.. so i painted it to match my living room!

Front entry way table.. before.. the before was pretty, but it had some chips in it and I was bored..




Guest bathroom finally finished.. Painted the cupboards.. and put in a new faucet and a new light fixture

I bought these candle holders from goodwill a while ago..and used hot glue to attach the vases.

4 Months Later.........I'm baaack!

Wow, where to start? Well I looked at my last post, and it was from Halloween and Thanksgiving.. sorta, more before Thanksgiving... So I guess that is where I will start!
Ryan and I went down to Thatcher to visit with the Family on Thanksgiving Day. We had a great time and my old best friend Monique got home from her mission, so we were able to go to her Homecoming and visit with her for a little bit!

Shortly after church, Me, Amber, Bryan, Ryan, Mom, Dad and Jeremiah, packed up my little Honda Fit, and Amber, Connor and Me were on our way to Idaho to visit Aubrey! It was a long drive. We stopped in Hurricane, Utah and stayed with my Aunt Janet and Uncle Brian. They just moved from California, into a HUGE, beautiful house. Then we drove trhough, sprinville, provo, lehi, and stopped in each place to visit more family. We stayed the night in Bountiful with more family. Early the next morning we were on our way again. When we fianlly made it to Idaho, we visited for a little bit with Aubrey, Kyle, and baby Kaden. Then we were off running errands getting things ready for Aubs baby shower. It turned out really nice. It was great being able to visit family. We miss having Aubrey and her family around and we cant wait for her to come back to Arizona to come visit us! We Love you Zaugg family!

Me, Amber and Grandma and Grandpa Ward

Bountiful Utah in my Aunt and Uncles driveway.. Check out that snow!

Connor and Kyle.. Silly boys.

Aubs Baby Shower

Brushing their teeth

Us sisters and Kaden
Zaugg Family.. Kaden wasnt very happy...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween & Thanksgiving

I love love love halloween. Over the years it has gotten more and more fun! I love attending the ward trunk-or-treating parties and seeing the adorable little kids dressing up! We didnt get to go to our ward party this year or last year, but we always make it to someone elses in the family! This year we went to the Mullallys ward and boy we had a good time! This year Halloween was on a sunday, so we had a halloween Sunday dinner at Nikki and Jakes. Brooke, Lana, and Braden were all in town too, so that made it even more exciting! We all brought something delish and man it was a yummy dinner! We turned on casper and the kids got to help pass out candy to the little trick or treaters. I tried making Exploding Bloody Potatoes, which kinda failed haha, but I did get a dessert off someones blog and that turned out great! It was called Ghosts in the Graveyard.. and it was so cute!

Ryan has been working hard in school and he almost has his real estate license! One more test to go! whoop whoop!

Tyson is doing great, I got him a new toy and im hoping it will last longer than his other ones. He rips them apart within HOURS. But im not messin around anymore! I finally got him a 4 layer, tough, stuffed animal and its been 2 days which is already a record! haha. Yay! I love his pig!

Me and Amber are going up to Utah and Idaho in 26 days! yay! Aubrey is almost ready to pop and I am so excited for her! GO AUB! Neice or Nephew # 4 on the ward side is almost here!

Well now that we are in November, ThanksGiving is here. I want to share 30 things im thankful for (1 for each day this month). Its very important that we are always expressing our gratitude and giving thanks to our Heavenly Father. He has done so much for us. I love my Savior and Im so gratful for all He has done for me. (This list is not in any special order and it could continue on for forever)!

1. Im grateful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
2. Im grateful for my amazing husband. I love him.
3. Im grateful for my families.
4. Im grateful for the Temple.
5. Im grateful for my home.
6. Im grateful for food that I always have to eat.
7. Im grateful for my health.
8. Im gratetful for the Pristhood.
9. Im grateful for Missonaries who sacrifice so many things to serve.
10. Im grateful for the power of prayer.
11. Im grateful for my home teachers and visiting teachers.
12.  Im grateful for my hearing aids.
13. Im grateful for friends.
14. Im grateful for our landscaping company.
15. Im grateful for our vehicles we have to drive.
16. Im grateful for soap and sanitizer.
17. Im grateful for School (even though im not enrolled at the moment).
18. Im grateful for Tyson (my dog.. my baby)
19. Im grateful for my young women.
20. Im grateful for milk. :)
21. Im grateful for refridgerators.
22. Im grateful for electricity.
23. Im grateful for my oppertunity to take piano lessons and voice lessons.
24. Im grateful for the Book of Mormon.
25. Im grateful for my bed.
26. Im grateful for the clothes I have to wear.
27. Im grateful for the teachers that prepare lessons and teach each Sunday.
28. Im grateful for Insurance.
29. Im grateful for the church buildings we have to meet in every week.
30. Im grateful for our Country.
Im grateful for SOOOOO much more! The list goes on and on! What a great time of year! HAPPY THANKSGIVING month everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Its FALL? Already? This year went by SOO fast! I am so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up! After Thanksgiving, My sister Amber, her little boy Conner and I get to make the drive to Utah to visit my Dads family and Idaho to visit our sister Aubrey, who is just weeks away from having baby #2. YAY! We are so excited!

The weather is starting to cool down here in Arizona and its been beautiful. We have finally as of yesterday turned off the A.C. and opened windows.

With Halloween just around the corner, we carved pumpkins monday night for FHE with the family. It was lots of fun!

At the beginning of the month, we had the oppertunity to go to California to see Brooke and the kids. We went to a pumpkin patch that had lots of fun little things going on, and we also got to go to the Suns game in Palm Springs.

Me and Ryan are doing great. We are still working at home together, which we really enjoy. The business is keeping busy, and Ryan is close to getting his Real Estate license! Whoop Whoop! Tyson is a very happy boy being an only child.. haha. He is such a silly dog! We love him so much.. even though his shedding makes me crazy! O and Ps.. Ryan got a new calling, He is the Teachers Advisors Assistant, SO now he gets to go to mutual activites and firesides with me. We are now together.. literally 24/7 hahah. But im not complaining! I love being with my Man!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Holy Moly time flies!

So, I am extremely behind on blogging. Once again, I dont have any idea where to start. SO much has gone on!

First, I want to congratulate Aubrey and Shawn on getting preggo! Yay for another neice or nephew! :) Love you guys!

Second, the Stradlings got to come to our house in June and spend a few days with us. We had a lot of fun and Ronja got to come too! We went to a huge kid treehouse in the gilbert area and that was pretty cool! Conner was not happy with me when I tried to get a picture with him. He was very anxcious to get outta my arms and back to the treehouse junglegym!


Ryan started Real Estate school and he is doing great! He is also working hard with his online schooling at Colorado Tech University. He is still managing R & R and is some how juggling everything! I'm so proud of you babe! I quit my job at Cousin Subs and am now home ALL the time, but helping with the business and I'm loving every minute of it! Working with the husband? What can be better than that! Ps: check out our website at RRYARDSAZ.COM.

July was a fun month, we got to celebrate the 4th in Prescott. We went to church, then packed up the car with snacks and family and drove to Prescott for the fireworks. It was very exciting and the weather was nice and cool! At the End of the month we went on the first Reid Family Reunion. Mom and Dad Reid rented a huge motorhome and took me, Ryan, Selena, Russ, Lacey, and Danielle up to Vegas. Me, Ryan, Lacey and Danielle saw the Blue Man group while the rest of the group saw lion king. It was freakin awesome!! Our hotel room was the coolest room ever, when we walked in the curtains opened and the tv and lights turned on.. basically greeting us. Sheesh.. Technology is amazing! After Vegas, we got back in the RV and headed for Lake Powell. We rented a boat and 2 wave runners! My favorite! We had a blast, and I was dumb and was too late with sunscreen, therefore, I recieved my first/ worst sunburn EVER! Learned my lesson the hard way.. I will never be late putting sunscreen on EVER AGAIN! After Powell we got back in the Rv again and drove to Greer where we met up with the rest of the fam! The Mulallys and the Soules. We got to stay in a HUGE cabin and spent the rest of the trip there. We went fishing on a lake, and caught NO fish! haha. And it rained the WHOLE time! BUT, It was very fun! I really enjoyed fishing and I hope we can do it again sometime soon! In Greer, Selena Sorensen, My AMAZING sister in law, took our family pictures.. and did I mention AMAZING? I cant get over her talent! Check out her pictures at sorensen-studios.com. You will see what I'm talking about!