Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lets see... next came CHRISTMAS! We spent Christmas at the Reids house again this year. The whole family was there and we had a great time. And surprising Ryan with his captains chair was a success! Also, Ryan got me a new camera, and I LOVE IT! Its a canon G6. I dont know much about cameras except what Selena taught me, BUT I KNOW I love my camera and I love the pictures that it takes! Thanks Babe!

PS: New Years 2011, I have had some projects that I have been working on to keep me busy, so here they are......

Ryans captains chair

Merry Christmas from santas favorite elf!

I dont have a before picture.. I'm pretty bad at that.. but this is Ryans old dress.. I sanded it and painted it and bought new knobs for it.

Key Rack

Necklace holder

Got this cardboard "R" from Joanns for like $2.. painted it and I love it!

Got this vase from goodwill like a year ago.. it was an ugly green.. so i painted it to match my living room!

Front entry way table.. before.. the before was pretty, but it had some chips in it and I was bored..




Guest bathroom finally finished.. Painted the cupboards.. and put in a new faucet and a new light fixture

I bought these candle holders from goodwill a while ago..and used hot glue to attach the vases.


Allison and Mason: said...

WoW!!!! I had no idea you did all those projects!! You totally inspired me!! I'm going to Goodwill!!!!

Jory and Chani said...

Wow Briana! You're a craft lady! I like how you re-did your cupboards!

The Hargrove Family said...

Holy cow Briana! Amazing! I love everything you did : ) Good for you for being on the ball! I started a blankie for my baby like 4 months before he was born and it's not done yet. Yeah, he's 13 months old. Hope you're doing well!

Allison Barry said...

Wow Bri I am impressed. So...we moved back to Phoenix. Let's be friends

Molly said...

Great job Bri! I really want to paint my cupboards, but I'm scared to mess them up. Love it! Love all of it!

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